The Weiss Scholarship Foundation (WSF) is run by like-minded people who want to empower children through quality education. What makes WSF different is that the organization is about more than raising money to send children to school—it is about being hands-on and working diligently to improve their lives.

WSF’s leadership is well-known by the students, parents and guardians of Dago. We visit students at least three times a year and spend time with their parents or guardians. We also spend quality time with the administrators and teachers of the Dago Primary School, looking at all report cards and reviewing them with each student. We maintain contact between visits through letters, letting our students know we care about them as people and that we want to do everything we can to ensure their current and future success.

Brett Weiss, Founder & Director

In 2009, Brett made a volunteer trip to Dago, Kenya and fell in love with its people, who are among the poorest in the world. As a former high school social studies teacher of 18 years, he knew he had to do something to help them—especially their youth. Because he knew that education is the way out of poverty, he started the Weiss Scholarship Foundation in memory of his parents, Bernard and Elsie Weiss, in 2011.

Ernest Opiyo, Mentor Coordinator

Ernest graduated from Kenyatta University with a Bachelor of Education in 2017. He was WSF’s first full-time “employee” who was hired in January 2018. Ernest has a unique perspective of our students’ situations (from youth to adulthood). He also helps WSF keep in touch with students, parents/guardians, administrators and teachers by sending reports and photos.

Christine Alouch, Mentor/Coordinator

I was born and raised in Dago Village in Migori County, Kenya where I lived my entire life. I attended Kenyatta University in Nairobi and majored in Primary Teacher Education and graduated in 2019. I understand the challenges for a girl growing up in Dago.  I look forward to helping them be successful in school so they can make their dreams come true.  On a regular basis I will be keeping in touch with the students, the key staff members at their boarding school and the parents and guardians.

“Mama” Pamela Odoyo, Supervisor

“Mama” Pamela Odoyo is the heart and soul of the village of Dago. She leads the community in so many ways, including helping children and their families lead better lives. “Mama” Pamela has been instrumental in helping the Weiss Scholarship Foundation be successful through a variety of jobs and tasks, including making sure the students’ school fees have been paid.

Duncan Odoyo, Supervisor

Duncan is a retired primary school teacher, and his knowledge of the education system in Kenya has been crucial to the Weiss Scholarship Foundation’s success. He helps make sure we are getting the students’ report cards and letters back to our donors and has been helpful in so many other ways.

George Odoyo, Technical Support & Driver

George has been crucial to managing the technical side of operations. He makes sure that students get our applications, scans them when complete and emails them back to us for review. When students get their report cards or write letters, he scans these to send to us as well. And when visiting Kenya, George ensures we have safe, reliable transportation to wherever we need to go.