Dago’s History

Dago is a tiny village in the far southwestern part of Kenya, not far from the border of Tanzania and Lake Victoria. Dago’s residents are part of the Luo tribe. With over three million people, it is the third largest community in Kenya, making up around 13% of the entire population.

History suggests that the Luo traveled along the River Nile from Sudan, arriving in Kenya around 500 years ago. They established settlements on the lands surrounding Lake Victoria, which is Africa’s largest fresh water lake.

The residents of Dago are all farmers, raising animals and cultivating plants to sustain their livelihood. Animals include cows, chickens and goats while crops are mainly vegetables such as maize and kale. Their diet also consists of plenty of fruits and vegetables and meat like chicken and fish. Their food staple is ugali, a dish with a dough-like consistency that is made from some type of flour like cornmeal. It is eaten by being rolled into a ball and dipped into a sauce or stew.