Newsletter Number 3 – March, 2019

The Weiss Scholarship Foundation is very proud to announce that we have just awarded twelve new four year high school scholarships to Kenyan children.  As always it is evenly divided between boys and girls.  The twelve names and the schools they will be attending are:

Marion Akinyi Ochieng Jane Adeny Memorial School
Joy Akinyi Otieno Jane Adeny Memorial School
Mercy Atieno Okello Jane Adeny Memorial School
Ruth Adda Gory Jane Adeny Memorial School
Ashley Achieng Odhiambo Jane Adeny Memorial School
Sylvian Achieng Onyango Jane Adeny Memorial School
Isaac Onyango OchiengMbita High School
Jackim Okoth Otieno Kanyawanga Secondary
Denish Odhiambo Owili Tarang’anya Boys High School
Sammy Ferdinand Gonje Kanga High School
Clintone Onyango OkothSt. Pius Uriri High School
Brightone Ochieng Odhiambo Koderobara Boys High School
young students in kenya
Our 6 new girls who are attending Jane Adeny along with their Mums. Also pictured Andrew Otieno and Duncan Odoyo

Our 6 new girls who are attending Jane Adeny along with their Mums.  Also pictured Andrew Otieno and Duncan Odoyo.

We are especially excited that all six of our new girls will be attending the Jane Adeny Memorial School.  (  I visited this wonderful school last July. It has been built by Teresa Wesonga and Andrew Otieno.  They are professors at Northern Illinois University and are originally from the southwest part of Kenya.  This school was started by them in memory of Teresa’s Mom, Jane Adeny.  The school has many resources the government schools do not have and we know this school will help these girls become very strong and independent women. 

We have now had seventeen students who have graduated high school!

We want to congratulate Michael Otieno on doing so well on the KCSE (their equivalent of our ACT/SAT) that he will be going to University.  It will take many months before we know which University he will be going to.  This will mean five of our students have succeeded in the very tough task of getting to a University.

I have talked in the past that we want to begin offering scholarships for our high school grads who did not make it to University to go to a vocational school.  We are excited to announce that a few weeks Nelson Mandela began a two year program in plumbing at Mawego Technical Training Institute

Nelson Mandela

We are working with our other students who have not made it to University about going to a vocational/technical/nursing school. We hope to have great news on this later this year.

2018 was a fantastic year for us.  In February we officially become a 501 (c) 3 and then created our Board of Directors which today has six people on it.  We also have an Advisory Board of nine people who are former students of mine who are out in the world doing amazing things.  Thanks to Paragraphs ( we have a fantastic new web site and beautiful professional literature we can use to promote our foundation.  And, we are now sending more students to high school that ever before.

We feel we have now built a structure for an organization that can:

  • Grow to be able to help empower a lot more Kenya children
  • Be one that will endure, meaning it will last well beyond my lifetime.

We are beginning to talk to foundations who we think will love what we do; get excited about our future and will want to make a substantial investment in us to help us achieve our goals and help a lot more children for many years to come. 

Please tell friends and family about the work we are doing and ask them to help out.  To reach our goals, we need many more people to donate whatever amount they can.  Of course all donations are tax deductible.

We are always looking to go out and speak to community groups, places of worship, service organizations, etc.  If you would like to arrange a presentation, please contact me.

If you have not read my book about all of this work, “Just Give Them A Hug…And The Rest Will Be Easy”, please go to: or to purchase the book.  I welcome you on my journey.  All proceeds go to the Foundation.

We are always looking to get word out in the media about the Foundation and the Dago children.  If you have some media connections and can help in this regard, please contact me.

If you have questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, etc. please get back to me.  The more people who give us input, the better we will be. 

We do this work because we believe in Empowering Children to create a world where every child has the opportunity to get a great education.  Please join us in our work.

Asante Sana

Brett Weiss – Founder and Director


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